How to add providers on your own SMM-panel?

December 21, 2021 —

So, you've created your panel but how to start making money on it? Below you'll find a detailed guide on how to add services, how to add API token and more. If you want to know how to create a panel read this article.

To find all the management tools click the "Admin area" button.

On this page, you will see the main menu of the panel. Here you can see created orders on your panel, manage sales and prices, customize the colors of your panel, and much more. But right now let's stick to the first step - adding smm service providers and services.

For the start, you need to add an external panel. To do this, you need to click on the “External panel” button.

To add a panel click on the “plus” button.

In the opened window you can use a ready - made template to connect the Panvy panel or add your own external panel.

If you choose one of the suggested panels, then you only need to get the API token.

To get a unique API key you need to register on the panel.

In this line, you need to insert an API token which you can find on the website of a panel. You can find the API section on panels based on Socpanels, but if the API integration is possible, then the API key is always in your personal account. Please note, that the interface may differ from the interface on

To get an API token click the “create token” button.

Copy this token and insert it into this line:

After this step click the "Save" button.

If you want to synchronize services from the panel you chose, click the  “sync services” and all services from that panel will be automatically displayed on your own panel. Also, you can click "Sync params" check mark. You need this, if for example, something will change on the panel from where you imported services, the parameters will automatically change on yours.

You can choose all services from your chosen panel or just several. To choose services click the "Import services” green button.

In the open window, you can choose any best smm services and set any price you want!

After everything is set, just click the “Import selected” blue button.

Also, you can add services via the smm providers, if you need any specific one. For that just click the “Import providers” purple button.

In the open window choose all or just several services.

After everything is set, also just click the “Import selected” blue button.

And it’s all done, your panel is ready! If you imported services, you can find it on the "Services" section or if you imported providers, look for it on the "Providers" section.

So, after everything is done you're ready to make money on your SMM-panel. With our platform, you can add any services, set any prices and do everything you want with your panel. And all that you can do just for $5!

As you can see, Panvy has a wide range of features and soon you'll be able to read about everything here, in our blog. Keep in touch and good luck!

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