User-friendly SMM-panel

Your customers will love our panel interface, where they can easily place their orders.

A lot of payment methods

Easily integrate all payment methods that fit your needs.


Support for API integrations

Connect an unlimited number of APIs (even other well-known panels) to automate your work. Our API supports third party panel methods.


Multifunctional admin panel

Flexibly customize your panel for clients, as well as analyze sales results using the most advanced functionality.


Referral program

Invite new customers and increase your revenue using our powerful referral system.


24/7 support

Professional and friendly support will help you control your business 24/7.

If you have a skill and interest in getting Views, Likes, Followers, Recommendations, Retweets and other interactions with social media content - Panvy is a great solution to start your own career in social media marketing. With the smart consulting of experienced company, you can turn your favorite hobby into your small or medium business with the Panvy platform.

And what is the most catching in the idea? Your SMM business can be managed wherever you want: at home, on the road, even on the tropical island surrounded by the ocean!

Get your Panel - turn a hobby into a stable business.
Plug our panel
into your domain
Create an SMM panel with your own domain or use ours and easily customize the panel for yourself
Drive traffic to
your site
Engage users to place orders on your panel
Manage your
Analyze performance with detailed statistics and get maximum profit
Friendly UI
Modern and easy to use interface.
Yin Yang
Light and dark color themes for more comfortable experience.
Customize your interface, logo, favicon, color themes.
Easy management of your orders, users, and payments.
Provide a powerful API to your customers for orders creation.
Multilanguage interface will extend your customers base.
Mobile ready
Adapted for all mobile devices.
Registration and authorisation through social networks.
Reports & notifications on your e-mail.
Auto & Manual Refill
An order refill can be organised by a provider or manually.
Free views
Flexible trial system for your customers.
Bulk actions on orders.
Custom landing page
Quickly start making profits using a custom landing page.
Let your customers make quick orders without registration.
Payments control
Flexible management of payment methods.
Customize bonus coupons to build a promotion program you want.
Mobile panel app
Provide your users with a ready-made mobile app for Android and IOS.
Referral program
A partner referral program to grow your customer base.
Payment statistics
Detailed statistics of user balances.
Integration with your landing page, as well as with various marketing and sales services.
means that feature will coming soon
Security & Hosting
DDoS protection
Enjoy a stable and reliable SMM panel performance with effective DDoS protection.
Unlimited bandwidth
You will never be charged for the number of users or traffic of your panel.
Your own domain
Use your own domain or purchase one with our help.
Free SSL certificate
Every panel includes a free 256-bit SSL certificate.
Content delivery network
It reduces download time thanks to the network of proxy servers deployed in multiple locations.
Regular backups
All your data will remain safely stored even if an emergency occurs.
Google hosting
Google is used as the main hosting provider.
With the help of our platform you will be able to start business for SMM services using only your domain (you can buy it using panvy).
You will receive reliable hosting for your panel, 24/7 support and continuous functionality improvements.
No programming skills needed
Anyone can create and operate a panel without any special programming knowledge.
Fair and affordable pricing
We strive to keep our prices always affordable for many users.
Continuous improvements
We fully support our panel, constantly improving its functionality. You can follow the updates in our news.
Let’s get started with
Start your own SMM panel
Using the platform, our clients have received 1 057 411 646 orders in total.
Earn with Referral Program
You can participate in the referral program from Panvy and receive 10% of all expenses of customers who subscribe to your referral link. Lifetime passive income guaranteed!
How can I earn with the Panvy Referral program?


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Can I buy views, likes and subs from your platform?

Panvy is a platform allowing you to start your own SMM business, not a Social Media Advertising company. You can order SMM services from one of our partners.

What is Panvy?

Panvy is a platform that allows you to create SMM panels for starting your own business. Our panels have a user-friendly interface and many automated processes, which, as a result, simplifies their use by both administrators and customers. Also, you always have the opportunity to customize the panel according to your preferences.

What is an SMM panel?

An SMM panel is an online store with services such as buying likes, subscribers, views, site traffic, etc. - the list of such services is very wide.

The owners of SMM panels have the opportunity to earn on the resale of these services from providers by setting their own prices. You, as an owner, will be able to develop your business, drawing conclusions based on detailed sales statistics, reports, and various indicators available to you in your personal account.

People choose SMM panels because of the great prices and fast delivery. That is why this business is so popular and always in demand. Find out more about who are the clients of SMM panels on our "Referral Program" page.

Where can I find providers?

To make it easier for you to get started, we provide the ability to easily import services from our own panels to those created by you. Thus, we will be the first provider of SMM services for you. In addition, you can always connect an unlimited number of third-party providers to your panel by finding them on specialized web resources.

Why Panvy?

Panvy provides more than just an opportunity to create your own SMM panel. We provide comprehensive services for opening a turnkey online store, offering ready-made and proven solutions for running your business.

Panvy, unlike other platforms, prides itself on providing its customers with a unique ordering widget absolutely free. Purchase statistics from this widget show that customers like to create orders using it.

We are pleased to offer you a user-friendly panel interface that is well adapted for mobile devices.

Our clients can use many ready-made and proven options to attract customers to their panel - bonuses, coupons, referral programs.

High-quality service from Panvy makes more and more people choose us. Check out the full list of our benefits in the section «Features».

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