How To Attract New SMM Panel Customers?

August 31, 2022 —

The question that worries many SMM panel owners! Where do you get new clients from when you've just installed your own panel and nobody knows anything about it? How to attract an audience so that at least the first sales begin to appear? It's good that you came to our blog because now we will give you the answers to these burning questions.

However, remember that no matter how good you are at attracting customers, if you have problems on your panel, then all your efforts will be in vain. Make sure that connected payment methods work correctly, providers are indicated and functioning (you can always connect to the service several providers on our panel, and the system will automatically select the most profitable for you), and the description of services reflects reality. You don't want to mislead your users, right? Even if you have the SMM Panel cheap!

Google it!

Google can find answers for you even on this tricky subject. The main thing is to know how and where to look for it! This is where keywords, which are the name of a particular service, can help you. If you have good live stream services, then that's where you should start your search. You can open up a lot of possibilities: sites, forums, personal pages... You will have to dig quite deep.

Feel free to find contacts and email or messenger. If you're willing to offer the best smm services to someone who needs it, why not tell them about it? You'd be surprised how much customers are willing to pay for a good service at a good price and don’t know where to find great SMM reseller panels. Don't pass up an opportunity like this!

Social media...or not?

Yes, I know, you've heard 1,000 times before about telling everyone that you have the best SMM panel on your social networks. By all means do that, but there are other ways to use social media.

You're promoting social media, so where do you look for clients if not on those social networks? See a small channel that's trying to grow, but needs a boost? A great chance to write to him and offer your services! A streamer on Twitch can't get a large audience? This is your client, look for his contacts directly on the platform! Found a Facebook group discussing promotion or (even better) looking for the best SMM panel services? This is your chance!

However, do everything within reason. If YouTube and Twitch do not mind too much, if you contact the owners of the channels, then on Facebook you should not spam your offers of services or place a link to your panel directly on the main page. It's very easy to get banned that way.

Forums, forums, forums...

It is quite possible that you will come across forums even during the first step, a search on google. However, there are thousands of niche forums that can help you find new customers. All you have to do is post about how you have a top SMM panel that is ready to satisfy the boldest appetites! Talk in detail about exactly what you offer and point out your best benefits.

Don't forget to keep up the dialogue and respond to users who might be interested in your offer. After all, your topic should be live, so that it doesn't give the impression of "write and forget".

In addition, many large forums like "Blackhatworld" offer advertising services on their forums. You can invest in this kind of promotion and see what the results will be.

Telegram, kakaotalk, and other niche messengers

The best way to reach an audience from a particular country is to speak their language. Or use their messengers! If you want to try to find clients from South Korea, feel free to use kakaotalk and try to find clients there.

Telegram provides a lot of opportunities to find groups and chats on the topics we want. Take a look at where exactly Telegram is popular and look for SMM panel groups in the right language. You can find a lot of customers there who can become yours!

Don't be afraid to experiment and communicate with your clients. Yes, it will take time, but you want to make money, right? Sometimes one big client can outbid all the revenue from smaller ones, so it's worth the effort.

So, rock it!

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